Wolfgang The Filipino Rock Band


Wolfgang, the Filipino rock band.  I believe one of the greatest that ever graced Manila’s stages & beyond.  Touches the heart of most  Filipino rock enthusiasts & gave way to a new breed of Pinoy rock during the 90’s.

The band was formed on January of ’92 in Manila, Philippines- disbanded 10 years after.  During 2007. amazingly they have reunited.  The  pack is back but less of a wolf, literally Leslie “Wolf” Gemora, the drummer left the band.  But nevertheless the group was definitely  embraced by their die hard followers & new wolf pups around the globe.

They started as an underground band, playing at various Manila gigs.  Early days, as every band went through, the demo thing!  Handing demo tapes to different radio stations like 99.5 RT & LA 105.9.

It was ’93, college years when I first heard them over LA Rock .  “Left Alone” came to airwaves it was freaking good, life will never be the same!  And the rest is history!  Rock on guys!







Wolfgang’s front man! Hard rocking
Adonis of Pinoy Rock!

23rd Anniversary Razorback

23rd Anniversary Razorback.

23rd Anniversary Razorback



The band through the years!  Look forward to more years of rock en roll!  Don’t change guys! We love you the way you are! Play more bato music Kevin!



razorback music available @ i-tunes







A hard rocking Filipino band. One of Manila’s finest musicians of my generation. Joined together during the 90’s, made known by their ass-kicking music. Rock on!



Razorback or wild hog. Scientific name sus scrofa. Sometimes called “Russian Boar” or “Russian Razorback”. seen in N. America & Austalia.



Rakrakan! One of the hardrocking bands of Filipinas! Singing their greatest hits!

Looking back

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

A great deal of enthusiasm led me to look for something to cling to … to be part of something unique in my own prospective.  I really can’t imagine that the music you are actually listening to will actually define you or maybe one aspect of you.  

Music is a way of life.  An engine to a soul.  Fascinated with rhythm, beat, hums & voice.  A pump to your blood.  Never imagined that it can be an expression of being free!  Being true to oneself can steer you in appreciating your own kind of music.  

Early 90’s, during my college years @ a nursing school in Paranaque City.  Group of boys from my batch were always clamoring about bands, rock & roll, hard rock for boys only, a very exclusive radio station that plays only the best rock tracks from all over the world.  Behind my mind, it’s always a n issue for me to be a part of a group, to be accepted.  So I tried to listen to this station.  Then magic sets in!  

rock in motion

rock in motion

This great band inspired me to blog about life…and rock & roll!

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